Tiki Triangle



Since the original recipes were very closely guarded secrets, it could be often hard to find the original recipe, much less anything truly “authentic”.  Like most corporate spies, one had to go in disguise to the bar, taste the drink and try to recreate it.  Of course they knew when it had lime, lemon and/or orange juice, or rum or gin, but there were very often other ingredients it was hard to identify.  Maybe a splash of ginger or a syrup infused with cinnamon.  Even the bartenders often did not know what they were mixing because they just pulled bottles labelled with numbers or letter and the amount of each they had to pour into each drink.  So here we hope to present to you the most authentic recipe, if not the most delicious.

The Originals:

Modern Innovations:

  • Monk’s Confession
  • Rum Runner
  • Bahama Mama