Coronavirus (COVID 19)

COVID 19 is a type of Coronavirus. COVID is an abbreviation for Coronavirus Disease which was first discovered late in the year of 2019.  It is said to have originated in China, most likely from small mammals like bats.  It first jumped from animal to animal, then later animals to humans, and currently human to human, and can be airborne (meaning, you can catch it if someone sneezes or coughs in close proximity).  Scientists have never really seen anything like this, and it is important to note that it is smaller than a red blood cell, so you can’t see it under a microscope, but only under an electron microscope.  This seemingly trivial fact is important because those masks people are wearing really can’t help if you don’t have it. It does help if someone has it, because if they breathe, cough, or sneeze, it helps block it from entering close airspace.

This has become a pandemic, meaning, its an epidemic which has travelled the world.  While at first it was likened to other influenza or flu, this one spreads much faster and can be more deadly.  At first the alarm and precautions seemed ridiculous, but soon we learned that this virus is constantly evolving.  In 1918 there was the Spanish Flu.  Back then, about 100 years ago, there were about 1 billion people on the planet and it claimed the lives of 7 million people. Today the population of the planet is over 7 billion.  Simple math tells you this can kill tens of millions of people, if not more, because there is a higher concentration of population people, more travel, and therefore it can spread much further, much faster.

I probably should have mentioned up front that I am not a scientist, doctor, medic or even remotely an expert on this subject. I have been doing a lot of research because I know I won’t get much honesty from main stream media channels or politicians, much less the Chinese.  And yes, the Chinese Government is responsible for this. It is not a racist comment nor one to perpetuate hatred toward the Chinese people, but rather, their oppressive government.  Is it bioterrorism? I highly doubt it, no government wants to create a disaster they cannot control, but there are many conspiracy theories out there.

What does any of this have to do with Polynesia, Oceania cultures or tiki? Well, it brings me to a very important topic that has been close to my heart, and makes me very angry. Europeans came to Polynesia brought with them disease which sickened and killed many island peoples.  Civilizations were destroyed and Christian mercenaries then pointed to their lifestyle and blamed their culture and not recognizing Jesus as their Savior as to why they were, after thousands of years, now prone to sickness, pestilence, disease and death.  As of that were not enough, they were suppressed from the culture, rituals and dances and forced to become “civilized” in order to be saved.

Ironically I was watching a program about Black Americans on PBS tonight, and it was a similar theme. Pay the preacher, become saved, and your life will get better. And, if that does not work, they will come back, hold more conversion seminars and prayer meetings, and the more you donate, the more they can help save those suffering.

As a recovering Roman Catholic, I still am a Christian and have strong beliefs in my faith. However, I would never try to convince or brainwash someone, anyone, let alone an entire civilization, that if they did not have my beliefs, they would most certainly have a miserable life and afterward be condemned to hell if they did not convert.  I have no problem introducing Jesus Christ into people’s lives, but I would never want them to abandon their culture, rituals, traditions or language because there is a better one out there. Once you introduce another culture, and tell them the good word as Christ taught us, they can go whichever way they want. But no one, ever, should ever forget their past. There is room for many different ideas, cultures and experiences  in their lives if they really want it.