Exotica Moderne

Exotica Moderne

Tiki Lovers Alert!  There is a new magazine out and its called Exotica Moderne.  This is a modern take on vintage Polynesian Pop with many modern features and insights of how the movement is alive and well.

In the first few pages they set the mood with music that is keeping the scene alive, what to tune in to, which bands are alive and thriving and which podcasts to catch them on.

There is a calendar of national tiki events in case you are interested in attending any in your area.  My friend Ray Wyland contributes with his takes of tiki bars across the country.  He beat me to it in my home state of New Jersey which still has a small handful of Chinese Tiki lounges and restaurants in the Garden State.  Needless to say I’ve been to all of them but it is still interesting to read about his take on them.

The Cocktail Hour segment I know is going to be a favorite I will look forward to each season.  I’ve exhausted all the classic and even modern Polynesian cocktail recipes, so it will be refreshing to try some new recipes in this section.  In fact, I did already with the first on the list, the Tabu Grog from Tonga Hut.

There is a section on Polynesian Pop art including illustrations, mugs and advertising from active contributors to keeping tiki alive.

There are 40 pages here in full color and a very fun pleasure to read.  It is so attractive that it is a much welcomed addition to my coffee table.

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