FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Tiki Triangle?

This is a website to celebrate the all things tropical including island life, drinks, food, music and culture.  Every one has their own idea of what the culture is all about, so we hope to cover it all, from the Caribbean to the South Pacific and the South Atlantic down to Brazil.

What is Tiki and/or Tiki Culture?

Tiki can be tiki wood carvings which represent Polynesian Gods.  But today Tiki often means a form of escape to tropical islands, frozen drinks, palm trees and beach culture.

What is Polynesian Pop?

Polynesian Pop is a pop culture infusion of many different cultures of the South Pacific including art, music and other influences.

What is and is not Tiki?

Since there is no real “authentic” Polynesian pop culture, it is all opened to interpretation. This includes food. One thing Tiki is definitely not, is a powdered sweet and sour mix with rum and ice.  This is nonsense and an insult not just to tiki, but even authentic cocktails or drinks in general.  Originally Don “The Beach Comber” closely guarded his cocktail’s secret ingredients, so we don’t know what was actually in them outside of the obvious fresh fruit juices, rum, etc.  The food he served as snacks was made by Chinese chefs who cooked for American tastes, which became known as “Polynesian” food.  From there came many imitators and enthusiasts with their attempt to replicate this food and drink, or just create their own interpretation of it.