Maoi Ice Mold

Moai Fred Ice Mold

Tiki Lover Alert!  If you love the Tiki Polynesian culture, you immediately recognize this iconic stone face.  It is of the famous statues that date back to ancient times.  They originated from the Rapa Nui native people of Easter Island.  Territory of Chile, it is probably the most remote island in the Pacific Ocean, but it is also the most eastern which then falls into the territory of Chile.

These statues average 13′ in size, and weigh at least 14 tons. But the awe of their size pales in comparison to they way they have made it into modern pop and tiki culture.  They are now on Tiki Mugs, Pisco Bottles and now, ice cubes.

While I love this, it is not without its flaws.  The mold is very soft and flexible for removing the ice cubes, however, this makes it very difficult to fill and get into the freezer without spilling.  My suggestion would be to have a smaller tray of harder plastic underneath so you can transfer it to the freezer.  Otherwise, you are holding it by both ends and the tray is sagging and spilling the water you filled it with.

This is one guilty pleasure I don’t mind if I wasted $7 on. Be honest, how cool does a bucket of these look at your next party, tiki or not?

Now if you really want to impress, take it a step further and make sure the ice is made with spring water from the South Pacific like New Zealand 1907 or Fiji.  Yes, Easter Island is territory of Chile, but it is much more similar to the other remote islands of Fiji or New Zealand than the continental Chile of South America.

So, when your guests ask, you can explain that this is as authentic tiki as it gets!