1494  Columbus landed in Jamaica and met the Arawak Indians.  The Arawak used Jamaican pimento (allspice) to season and smoke meat (usually pigs), and is the foundation upon which Jamaican Jerk developed.

1733  England passes the Molasses Act which put high tariffs on molasses, rum and sugar imported to the colonies from anyplace other than Britain or its territories.

1789 The most famous mutiny in history took place on the English ship, ‘Bounty’, against Captain William Bligh. The ship was returning from Tahiti to bring back breadfruit trees.

1792  John Montague, 4th Earl of Sandwich dies. Captain Cook named the Sandwich Islands after him, which is now known as Hawaii.  He is supposed to have invented the sandwich as a quick meal so as not to interrupt his gambling sessions.

1835  First successful sugar plantation in Hawaii established by Ladd & Co. The company based in Hololulu leased the land from King Kamehameha III for for 50 years for $300 annually.

1901  New Zealand annexes the Cook Islands.

1934  Donn Beach Opens Don the Beachcomber

1946 The modern bikini swimsuit designed by Louis Reard first appeared at a poolside fashion show in Paris, modelled by Micheline Bernardini.