I love this place. It might not be true authentic tiki but it for sure is a kitschy place with a Caribbean feel overlooking the seaport. I know it is kind of redundant because we are in the Caribbean Island of Aruba, but this gives a modern feel.

What was truly refreshing about this place was to get a Mojito with real Cuban Rum. The first time I tasted Cuban Rum was in Aruba since it is illegal in the United States.  There is a real luxury to drinking Cuban rum, straight or in your cocktails and it only costs a dollar more if you want it. What could be better than drinking a Mojito in a place called Mojitos in the Caribbean with portraits of Che and Castro proudly hung above the bar.

The best thing is, they have the authentic food to match including ceviche, yucca fries and of course the classic Cuban sandwich.

This might not be the most authentic, but it is fun, economical and has the mood and the kitsch to match along with all the Caribbean vibes you need to feel like you are a million miles from anywhere and loving it.