Tiki Triangle

Tiki Philly

Tiki Philly

Any attempt at re-creating a Polynesian Tiki bar is always appreciated.  This place does not do such a bad job.  It is a cross between your beach bar and a tiki place.  Drinks are generous and the going rate but reasonable relatively speaking.

They got the drinks, they got the decor but the music playlist needs a lot of work. Yemmpa Aba by Ata Kak (Ghana); Lying Has Got To Stop by Soft Hair (New Zealand, getting closer); but White Frekles by Ariel Pink completely out of place. It is music you won’t likely hear any place else, and I give credit for that, but its a mash up of too many things playing played way to loud for a serene tropical setting, be it Tiki, island or anything else.

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