Cellar 335

Cellar 335

Cellar is one of those places in Jersey City you can easily walk pass and not notice if walking by.  It is, as the name would imply, one flight down in a cellar.  but once you enter, you are most definitely in a tiki bar. It might not be a tiki bar in the traditional retro sense of the midcentury phenomenon, but it is eclectic and the cocktails are nearly outdone by the food.

You have not been tiki until you have had a SPAM infused cocktail out of a can of SPAM.  As tacky as it might seem (and tiki is all about that), this is one of my favorite cocktails off their menu.

While all the drinks on their menu are good, if you are more traditional, ask for their secret menu, which is printed so you can see a more extensive list of the classics.  If it is not on the menu, you might be very impressed to know they probably know how to make it, even if it is not tiki.

The food is Asian inspired and really rocks. Their ribs are some of the best I have had, Polynesian or not.

Exotica Moderne Issue #10 has a full article I wrote about Tiki Pete and Cellar 335.  Visit  HouseofTabu.com to get a copy. I will elaborate on this more, but buying an issue will help support the tiki and Polynesian pop subculture.



Author: tikitriangle