Lime Cordial

Lime Cordial

Lime cordial, sometimes called Oleo Saccharum, is what people often see in the supermarket in neon green called “lime juice” (you know the brand). Think of it as a lime simple syrup, but it does not use any water. Just the sugar, lime juice and its peels. This is the finer gourmet version of it that does not contain artificial coloring or ingredients such as food coloring and/or corn syrup. You are not going to get a large calling for this in a lot of cocktails, so to be sure to use it within a few days or freeze it.

The original recipe called for a bag of limes and enough to make probably half a liter of this, but I was only going to use it for a couple of drinks, so I simplified it.


  • 7 grams fresh lime peel (about one medium lime). ┬áThe green part only, NOT the white “pith”)
  • 60 grams superfine granulated sugar (often called Confectioner’s sugar), (half cup, about 4 ounces).
  • 1 ounce (30ml) freshly strained lime juice (about 1 lime)

Allow the peels to rest with the sugar for 24 hours at room temperature. Add the freshly strained lime juice and gently stir until the sugar is complete dissolved. Strain into a resealable bottle. Will last for up to 3 days refrigerated, if not, freeze it to use for another time.

Author: tikitriangle