Episode #2455 – Cinco de Mayo

Episode #2455 – A Margarita for Cinco de Mayo

While some people might think that Cinco de Mayo is the Mexican version of the 4th of July, many of us know it’s just an excuse to enjoy Mexican food and Margarita cocktails. One of the best and simplest recipes I got was from a celebrity chef who endorsed Tres Milagros tequila.  The proportions work for most cocktails, but especially a Margarita on the rocks: 3, 2, 1 – 3 parts tequila, 2 parts orange liqueur and one part lime juice. While it’s hard to go wrong with that recipe, naturally you can adjust it to your own tastes if you have the time to experiment and work it out. Some might even add 1/4 part of simple syrup to mellow it out. However, if you go to any fast casual restaurant on the highway, certainly their “sweet & sour” mix already contains a considerable amount of sugar.



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Author: tikitriangle